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Trilobite Fossil

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SKU: 07004
$1 400
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Sizes Height 90 x Width 90 cm
Production time 1 -2 weeks

Exclusive high museum quality realistic Trilobite fossil. Size is 36" x 36".

Trilobites are marine arthropods that no longer exist on Earth. They became completely extinct more than 200 million years ago.

The time of their appearance, prosperity and death was the entire Paleozoic era. And it began 550 million years ago and lasted about 300 million years.

At times (especially in the early Paleozoic) there were so many trilobites that, in terms of the number and diversity of species, they surpassed most of the groups of multicellular animals that lived then.

Therefore, if the Mesozoic era (about 70-230 million years ago) can be called the era of dinosaurs, then the Paleozoic era is the era of trilobites.


Each piece is unique and handmade. No repetitions and copies!

Precise detailed handwork. The texture of the product is indistinguishable from genuine fossils.

We study  in detail the structure, anatomy and lifestyle of Trilobite before making their fossils.
Each Fossil is exclusive. No copies and exact repetitions.


We make custom fossils in any size.
All of them are easily and quickly hung on the wall.

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